Departure: 9AM or 4PM
Duration: 4 hours
Optional Service: Private tour with extra $10/person (~250.000VND)
Transportation: Motorbike/Car & Walking

Getting away from the crowded central area of Saigon, Let us take you to District 6, as known as the China Town.

The most unique part of my experience is that you will have a chance to get into an authentic local house, which is AUNTIE TU HOUSE. She will be your cooking mentor, who will instruct you step-by-step through the Vietnamese cooking methodology. The menu includes 3 delicious dishes, 1 vegetable dish and 1 traditional soup to complete the daily meal of Vietnamese people. Then, we will enjoy the meal together with Auntie Tu as a Viet family. A list of detail food recipes will be sent to you after the class.

The menu
#1 Poached meat with pepper – Thịt Kho Tiêu
#2 Fried egg with minced meat – Trứng Chiên Thịt Bầm
#3 Fried snakehead fish – Cá Lóc Chiên
#4 Sauteed garlic spinach – Rau Muống Xào Tỏi
#5 Sour Soup – Canh Chua
*Please give us your food restriction so that I can adjust it appropriately

Itinerary: Contact us through WhatsApp: +84906389180 for a quick response

  • Pick-up at Hotel
  • Binh Tien Market – the most popular local wet market
  • Auntie Tu Kitchen
  • Drop-off at Hotel

Cost: $50/person (~1.250.000VND)

Included: All fees

Wow experiences: Be a true local people when buying the food ingredients from wet market and cook it in a local kitchen with a secret recipe by Auntie Tu.

Optional Service

Nomal, Private tour

10 reviews for Authentic Cooking Class & Local Lifestyle with Auntie Tu

  1. Tjerk

    Recently attended a local cooking class in Vietnam and it was fantastic! The guides, Kelvin and David, were friendly and welcoming, while our instructor, Ms Tu, was a true gem with years of experience. She taught us traditional Vietnamese cuisine with patience and passion. The class was structured well, even for beginners, and Kelvin and David were always available to help. Overall, a fantastic cultural and culinary experience!

  2. Thijs L

    It was a great experience to be invited into a local household for cooking lessons in an original vietnamese kitchen. Great to buy the ingredients on the local market. The guides know all the ins and outs of the neigbourhood which only adds to the authenticity of the experience!! We had a great day.

  3. Rick D

    Loved seeing the market and grabbing our food to cook! Good show all around. Most enjoyable. Friendly people. Fun!

  4. Tisha H

    Wonderful Time! We had a lovely time cooking with Ms. Hoa! From the time we booked, there was wonderful communication. When we were picked up, the fellows were great conversationalists…telling us all about the areas of Ho Chi Minh City and the differences between them. Off to Chinatown and the market! What an experience that was…smells, sights and sounds. Then to Ms. Hoa’s for class. Very authentic menu, in a very traditional kitchen. It was an amazing experience!

  5. Anne D

    Kevin and crew were exceptional in their planning, humor, English language skills and willingness to share their culture and traditions of 3 generations. We shopped at the wet and dry street market for the cooking ingredients. The 4 of us were prompted to request in Vietnamese the different quantities and goods to buy. Great immersion into the local market and people. Cooking, slicing and dicing with Ms Hoa and aunties was fun and I will bring home techniques to try in my kitchen. We feel honored that they opened their home and life to us. This is a true cultural experience. Don’t pass it up!

  6. Rosie Carnegie

    This was a great experience that my partner and I really enjoyed. It was an awesome way of getting to eat local food and experience a day in the life of a local in Ho Chi Minh City.

    We learnt the authentic cooking techniques that the family have been using for generations. The food was outstanding and the guides Hannah and Kevin were fantastic!

  7. Margretta S

    This was such a special and memorable tour for me! I was looking for an authentic cooking class where I could taste and understand the real flavours of Vietnam – this was it! My tour guide and host Kevin was so accommodating and knowledgeable from when I first booked to when I arrived – top notch customer service. He was a great driver and opened my eyes to the authentic Vietnamese taste by inviting me into the home of Ms Hao and her family. Definitely worth the trip! I’d do it again

  8. Jennifer

    Experiencing and learning about the Cholon Neighborhood, especially the Binh Tay market, the fabric market, and one the oldest Buddhist temples in Chinatown with Kim was one of the highlights of our visit to Saigon! Kim is a fun and super knowledgeable guide since this is his home neighborhood. He was very responsive to our requests and took us to experience and taste things we never would have found on our own.

  9. Alex

    Our guide was Shane, was fantastic and took us on an informative tour of some of the main sites in district 1, plus took us by cab to district 3 where we visited the oldest coffee shop in vietnam, plus got to go in the back of the shop and see how it was made which was pretty cool to see. Shane was very kind, genuine, and more than happy to recommend us his favourite restaurants/bars in HCMC. We enjoyed it more than the ‘free tours’ we’ve taken so far and would definitely do it again!

  10. Mitch

    Kelvin was a wonderful guide and translator between myself, and the masterful chef Ms Tu. He took me through a vibrant market in Chinatown to grab ingredients for our meal and then back to the chefs home to cook a lovely 5 course lunch. I learned a lot from Ms tu in the kitchen and I now have 5 delicious and authentic recipes to take home to Canada!

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Authentic Cooking Class & Local Lifestyle with Auntie Tu

Departure: 9AM or 4.00PM
Duration: 4 hours
Transportation: Motorbike/Car & Walking