Departure: 5.00PM
Duration: 4 hours
Optional Service: Private tour with extra $5/person
Transportation: Walking

Our city has been recognized as one of the most 10 cities developing faster than the others around the world. Not only the economics but also the food cuisine is well-known all over the world. But there are thousands of street venders and stores around Sai Gon which are not clean and safe enough. I am here to be your Vietnamese friend who has been experiencing all over the Vietnamese street food around this city that ready to take you into the tour full of QUALITY street food!

Itinerary: Contact us through WhatsApp: +84906389180 for a quick response

  • Bánh Xèo: Vietnamese Savory Pancake
  • Bánh Khọt: Vietnamese Mini Savory Pancake
  • Chuối Nếp Nướng: Grilled Banana with Sticky Rice and Coconut Milk
  • Bánh Mì: Vietnamese Baguette
  • Bún Bò Huế: Spicy Beef Noodles Soup
  • Bánh Phồng Nướng/Nem Nướng: Crispy Grilled Rice Paper/Baked Rolls
  • Nước Mía: Sugarcane Juice with Kumquat
  • Trà Đá: Student Beer

Cost: $29/person (~700.000VND)

Included: All fees

Wow Experiences: Mouth-watering Vietnamese cuisine and the lifestyle of the locals

Optional Service

Nomal, Private tour


  1. Jack Henry Eaton

    Wow! A MUST do in Saigon. Without Kevin’s guidance, enthusiasm, and knowledge, our Saigon experience would have been a shell of what it was with Kevin at the wheel. Kevin handles all the details with transportation, ordering and paying for food, and making sure every stop will leave you in anticipation of what could top this! I was in Saigon 3 years ago and loved my tour with Kevin; Fast forward to April 2022, my time with Kevin was as memorable as anything I have done in Vietnam. Don’t miss this chance for authentic food with a fantastic tour guide, local, and friend. Thanks, Kevin! On behalf of my group of 5, we love Kevin!

  2. Alyssa F

    We absolutely loved our tour with Kevin! He was an excellent guide -very friendly, and knowledgeable! Our time in Ho Chi Mihn City was limited, so this was the perfect way to spend our evening there! We got to see areas we would likely not have seen on our own as it was very much off the beaten path for a tourist. Kevin did a great job at guiding us and explaining the different dishes, the language, and history of the city. And the food was some of the best we had in Vietnam! I highly recommend this tour – you will not be disappointed!

  3. Dalvina Chin

    ‘The food is authentic. The surrounding was absolutely Vietnamese. The walking distance was not too far. Kevin’s hosting is good’ said my father who was not so keen at first on going for a food tour. It was overall an excellent experience and we definitely would not have been able to get to any of those places on our own. Kevin was an amazing host. He even explained to us the different intonations of the Vietnamese language and explained the names of the food, how the food is cooked and eaten. He was very open and our whole family could connect with him and ask him questions and have excellent conversations. He brought us to see other parts of Ho Chi Minh City and gave us a lot of insight into the city and also recommendations outside of the food tour. He also expertly help us cross the road and we felt no anxiety in doing so. His english is excellent and it’s just an absolutely 5 star experience. He also took photos for us as a family and gave us a really unique experience.

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Departure: 5.00PM or 5.30PM or 6.00PM
Duration: 4 hours
Transportation: Walking