Departure: 8:00AM or 1:00PM
Duration: 3 hours
Optional Service: Private tour with extra $5/person
Transportation: Walking

After hundreds of years of domination and fierce war, Vietnam has proven to the world that it is a resilient and indomitable nation. Among them is Saigon, a city that has experienced many fierce attacks from the French colonialists and American imperialists over the past 100 years. After all that, Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minh City, has become a symbol of the strength of the Vietnamese people and an attractive destination in the eyes of international tourists. When coming to Ho Chi Minh City, you will be mesmerized by the ancient European architecture mixed with Asian design style. What are you waiting for? Joining Saigon Wow Tours in the journey to discover this beautiful and unique city!

Itinerary: Contact us through WhatsApp: +84906389180 for a quick response
*War remnants museum
*Independence palace
*Notre-dame cathedral
*City post office
*Book street
*Vietnamese coffee

Cost: $20/person (~500.000VND)
Included: Museum entrance ticket, bottles of water and transportation fee
Wow Experiences: Discovering the story of Vietnam War in many perspectives and Admiring the beautiful architecture of hundred-year-old buildings.

Optional Service

Nomal, Private tour


  1. Jenny

    Kelvin was an amazing tour guide, and gave us a fantastic introduction to Ho Chi Minh. He was knowledgeable and commited to making sure we had a great time. Would certainly recommend the tour to anyone wanting to get a feel for the city, with some interesting history too.

  2. Abhirup Mukherjee

    It was a small group tour (only 4 people, including 3 from our family from India, and one lady from El Salvador), with a very amicable and knowledgeable guide Kevin. We started at the War Remnant museum, got to spend more than an hour. Within museum, it was self-guided, with Kevin adding his context at the end of the tour. The museum is very well curated, wasn’t crowded, and it was really a very absorbing experience. There was a special exhibition at ground floor also we could avail. As Kevin put it, the nation has chosen “to forgive, but not to forget”. Salute to the spirit!
    Next two stops – Reunification Palace and Notre-Dame Cathedral – didn’t take much time. Kevin told the Palace is a museum and very similar to the War Remnant museum. And the Cathedral seems to be under renovation for years now. It was a nice, leisurely walk through the core districts and the 23rd September park on a bright day in February, listening to the fascinating stories of Vietnam’s yesterday and today. Our next stop was at the world famous SaiGon post office. We got to spend about half an hour there, appreciating the architecture, watching the staff going about their work, also picking up a few beautiful souvenirs. Finally, Kevin got us to the book street, and treated us with complimentary coffee at the “Bookstore” café. After the group dispersed, we spent an hour at the book street, lapping up the nice ambience, and picking up a few books on Vietnam as well (there aren’t many English language books though).
    Overall, it was a well-organized and very balanced tour, not too hectic – doesn’t make you tired with too many stops or overwhelm with too many things to see. It was our last day in Vietnam, and the tour suited us well. Definitely recommend it!

  3. Corrie G

    Kevin was a wonderful guide and was very sensitive to my needs and feelings. He was especially compassionate reguarding the War Remnants Museum which I really appreciated. It was a great walking tour and felt more like spending time with a friend instead of being a part of a tour. I definitely recommend!

  4. Johnna V

    We had a nice orientation walk around the heart of Saigon with Kevin. He was easy to communicate with, took great photos of us, and pointed out the main sights in the core area.

  5. Bogdan V

    Had a lovely day with Kevin (our guide) and a couple from Singapore. We met at the opera house where we were picked up by car taxi to the war museum. After the emotional museum tour, Kevin showed us some pictures iconic to the war, not shown at the museum. I was blown away by the Vietnamese people’s ability to forgive… During my stay in Vietnam I also learned they are very caring and welcoming people.
    We talked along the tour about Vietnam and the Vietnamese people, getting more insights about the history and culture.
    We visited the Notre Dame cathedral (the outside of it as it’s being renovated), the palace of independence, the lovely postal office and the peaceful library street where we continued our conversations over a delicious Vietnamese coffee. Kevin also recommended us some places where we can eat good food.
    For me it was a lovely experience, thanks Kevin 🙂

  6. Alun D

    Kevin is engaging and really knowledgeable. His English is great. He showed us a snapshot of Saigon in a morning. He talked about the war in a way we could engage with. His information in Saigon life was also great. This was a lovely way to close out our tour of Vietnam.

  7. Amelia

    Kevin was my tour guide such an enthusiastic guy, he knows alot and will make you feel comfortable..

  8. Jen

    This was a really lovely three hour stroll around the main historical sights of HCMC. Kevin speaks great english and has lots of cool pictures to show you. An excellent tour to get your bearings, find out about Vietnamese and HCMC history, and finishes with coffee on book street. Note it is mostly a walking tour – we walked around 2.5km on pretty easy pavement.
    Highly recommended!

  9. Maria N

    My guide, Kevin, was really kind and helpful. He showed us some important points of interest and answered any questions I had.

  10. Anders H

    Our guide Kevin had lots of knowledge about Ho chi minh history aswell as todays life in the city. He was able to discuse and see both side of history. He also shared stories about his private life.
    We will recommend this tour and specially Kevin. He was good in English, entertaining and full knowledge.

  11. Kelly

    My tour guide, Kevin was fabulous and provided a lot of information about thee various places we visited. It was very interesting to see the history of the war and we had hood discussion around it.

  12. Jo P

    We really enjoyed the walking tour around the city. We learnt so much about its history, as well as great insights into today’s lifestyle.
    Kevin is knowledgeable, as well as entertaining, and a great host. I would really recommend this tour.

  13. Danna B

    Kevin was an amazing tour guide. Very knowledgeable about the history of the sites we visited. Would recommend this tour to family/friends.

  14. Stacey M

    I highly recommend the walking tour with Kevin. Upon meeting Kevin for our tour, he discussed the itinerary and informed us that he can take all of the pictures on his phone which he will text to us at the tour conclusion. Kevin had a taxi ready to take us to our first tour stop. We walked to the next tour locations after the first tour stop. Kevin was flexible regarding the time we spent at each location. He was accommodating in taking any and all pictures when requested. Kevin possessed a deep understanding of the tour stops. His descriptions of the events made them come to life for me.

    Kevin was attentive to our needs by providing water, shaded areas for viewing/discussions, and perfectly timed resting spots doing the walking tour. I appreciated all of the extra information Kevin provided, such as; how to cross the busy streets, places to visit, and common phases to know in the local language.

    Kevin and the tour are highly recommendable. I encourage all visiting Ho Chi Minh City to complete this tour with Kevin! I plan on contacting Kevin when I visit Ho Chi Minh City in the future with my husband! Kevin is not only a great tour guide but a genuine and friendly person.

  15. Jessica S

    Our tour guide was Kim or Kevin, and he was excellent. He’s full of energy and we learnt a lot about Vietnam and the war in one short morning. He didn’t walk too quickly for my mum (71). There were a nice range of stops.

  16. Matti

    We spent a gray afternoon with Kim! Kim is highly committed person with a lot of knowledge about the history of Vietnam. The tour in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) was great covered many areas such as culture, history, politics and more. The tour was very interesting and Kim adapted the tour to the topics that interested us the most. Thank you very much for a wonderful day in Saigon.

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